Portrait Project: picture #3

Kumbang, a security guard who has been working at a moo barn ( a closed off Thai suburb with a guard post at the entrance) for 7 years. He said that he might change his name to Kumpee as it has a better meaning. 

"Kumbang doesn't sound strong and powerful" he said. "My brother's name is sumarng ( the closest word in English would be similar to slightly over the top metrosexual, i.e. a person who pampers him or herself too much) because he's tall and skinny"

"I feel like Kumpee ( it means the sacred book, think of it as those old  books in old Kung fu films that can give the reader special powers) sounds more respectful and stronger"

Kumbang has two teenager daughters who quit school to help their mum with her fried banana stand in outskirt Bangkok.

"living is tough, we get by." he gave a slight hint of smile. " Banana used to cost much less and now prices for all the ingredients are going up"

I hung out with him and manage to get a few photos of him.

here they are.