Lomo fun (or is it?)

So i've been using a Diana f+ for a while now, on and off. 

It comes out when I feel like I just wanna have some fun and don't wanna think too much. But is it that fun and worth it to get developed? for me, the answer would be yes and no. 

I did miss a couple of shots as it won't capture what I wanted to but then again it's a camera that has its own character and will not yield to you easily. I think it's more like a cat than a dog if you can compare your trusty camera as a dog, it will come to you and pretty much do what you command most of the time but Diana f+ is like a cat that you have adopt a little bit too quick with out the chance to know its character before you make your pick. 

My gf's diana f+ is totally a different camera compare to mind as the standard for quality doesn't quite exist in lomography therefore they yield different kind of pictures. 

Once in a while it will yield some really nice unexpected photos for you but majority of the time my Diana f+ gives me super under-exposed and highly vignetted photos. 

So if you want to get into film cameras, would I recommend you to buy a lomo? I'd advice you to take a look at a second hand camera store and pick up an old Nikon fm or Pentax k1000 for the similar price. Those SLRs are superbly built and will yield you consistent image quality but then again if these old nice SLRs won't satisfied your look enough then yea, go with Lomo but do keep in mind that those old SLRs will not depreciate as much compare to your Lomo. 


highly vignetted super boy

highly vignetted super boy