Shooting film

I recently did a graduation photoshoot gig,  The client demanded that I use slides with a few rolls of negatives and b&w so I took my Nikon F6 out with old ai-s lenses. The 85 f2 produced nice and creamy bokeh that I like. 

Shooting slides required one to be spot on with exposure unlike shooting negatives. So I asked my mate, Pat to assist me on the job, metering all the shots. 

I majority used 81A filter to warm up the colour a bit on slides (add 1/3 of a stop on top of metered exposure for the photo to be correctly exposed) and due the lack of discipline I did manage to leave it on while shooting negatives. I also shot 3 photos bracket for every one of them (+1 stop, normal and -1 stop) 

Below are taken with Kodak Portra 160. In sequence 1 under, 1 over and normally exposed.  My favourite stock ever. 

I found that shooting against the light can be quite challenging on film, sometime it worked out fine and some other times, it punishes you without mercy.  As an example below, the first photo is actually 1 stop under, the second one is 1 stop over and the last one is normal. Notice that the one under produced a reddish skin tone while normal exposed shot rendered the skin nicely. These photos were shot with Velvia 100F. 

here are some more from the day.