Sahita & Tom

Earlier this year, I had an honour to attend one of my good mates wedding in New Zealand as the wedding photographer. 

I've met Tom when I was studying at Shirley Boy's high school, Christchurch, New Zealand.  I believe I was in year 10 and we possibly met in front of the science block. We didn't really become close until a year later when we did attend quite a few sausage parties together. At that time Tom was this manly macho man, so steaks and rugby were his main dish. We started to hang out a bit more when we were in the same rugby team, the 2nd XV during our year 12. We also started doing Dragon boating together, I'd hitched a ride with him after school to get to Lyttelton for training. 

After the race one time, we somehow ended up chasing a car full of Christchurch Girls high school....girls through the desolate QE2 road, it was under the speed limit and the feelings were mutual as in we didn't chase them like how Jason chases a screaming girl while wearing a hockey mask. Tom was pretty good at driving, another manly point. We ended up being left hanging in a hot tub withstanding a hail storm sausage fest style while the girls didn't show up to our "gathering" later on that night. We were never that good with girls I guess, well at least I was.

We were quite close at one point, as in front row close, hugging each other all the time during the pack down before the scrum. Tom became our head boy and I became a prefect, We got into the 1st XV together, he ended up being quite a force for the team while I torn a ligament in my elbow before our first game and became a bum.

We grew apart after high school as I decided to join the monastery of CPIT jazz school and Tom went onto Canterbury University. We would occasionally bumped into each other but it wasn't that often. 

Since my move back to Thailand, I saw Tom twice, the first time he told me that he's seeing a girl. I didn't really read into it too much other than a handshake and simple "well done mate". The next visit his girl came with him, that was when I first met Sahita properly. I heard quite a fair bit about her and how they travelled around together, how they got engaged. We had a little meet up and they asked if I would be able to take a few photos for them at their wedding, nothing was set in stone then, not until a few months before the wedding that they took a leap of faith to chose me to become their photographer for their important day. 

Tom had an all-vegan wedding. If you would have told me this back in the day I'd possibly laugh my ass off but he did have an all-vegan wedding. Tom has grew into this perfect balance of macho manly man and warm soft sensible optimistic gentleman. What I saw was the pure joy and happiness between these two lovebirds, the genuine true love people talks about, I got quite jealous.

I'm glad I could witnessed it and captured it (sorta).  

Love you both.