I've always been quite a sensitive kid growing up. I noticed among my peers that I've always been less suitable to the macho manly mentality, trust me I tried but it didn't work out, somehow I just ended up recluse back into my little hut nestled among the pines and the low hanging mist. I felt comfortable there, in front of the fire with a cup of tea. I'd put on a record and travel into my own head, whether high or not, it's a nice place. 

I get emotional and deeply attach to my work as if it's a part of me that I have to shed of my body and breath life into it. It does sound cheesy I know but that's how I feel with each and everything I create. The end result usually falls short and leave me in the deep blue post-work mild depression, I used to be really bad dealing with it but I've recently gradually becoming much better at coping with it. I'd carry over whatever I feel onto the next project whatever it might be. I would feel like if I stop, I'd break and fall apart, the prolonging of the inevitability is rather taxing. 

I'd get into why I made 4.4 but after hearing some people chatting about the meaning of it, I'd rather leave it to them to tell me what it's about. It's quite intriguing indeed. It's comforting to hear that those who ventured into my pine forest and visit me in my little hut did enjoy sharing a cup of tea with me in front of the fire. 

I wouldn't be able to have done this with out my friends. I love you all. Thank you for trusting in me.