Eat List Star, my first pitching experience with Genero

Back in the middle of 2016, Mediacorp was looking for a filmmaker in Thailand to shoot a video for them. They wanted a profile video of a Thai chef that made it into the top ten finalists stage so they put up an open pitching on and without thinking much about it, I sent mine in. 

I've made a few treatments before and they were horrible, I'm not a graphic designer and Adobe Illustrator is one of my greatest foes. I'll attach a link to my treatment down below if you want a good laugh and something to flick through to cure your boredom.

It was not until a few weeks after the submission was closed that I received a message from Genero that my treatment was selected and they wanted me to get started right away. At that point I knew that I have enough budget that I can lure my fellow filmmaker friends out of their cave and make something awesome together as a team while getting paid so basically it's a paid hang out session with a camera and lighting equipment. 

Shot on Sony fs7 with Dogschidt optiks Trump lenses as an A cam while overkilling it with two extra a7s ii as B and C cam respectively. 

Here is a link to our little video. 

Behind the scene pictures by Bee

And here's a link to my treatment (lvl.noob)