Alisa and Krissi

According to a research, people tend to hang out in a group consisted of those who share the similar level of attractiveness. Is this a fact or an alternate fact? Anyhow, I like to think that I am quite a good looking bloke because I have quite a few friends that are professionally attractive, i.e. being attractive is a part of their job. I wish I could utilise my good look to bring in some money but usually they give me a paper bag or a mascot suit to cover myself up before giving me compliments and money. 

Alisa had a little sore neck.

Alisa had a little sore neck.

As I had a little free time and I love to shoot portraits when I can to develop my skills. I asked two of my dear friends to step in front of the camera for me, Alisa and Krissi, both whom I knew from uni. They are both very successful in their modeling career, being casted many times for commercials and printed on various local community newsletters advertising anything from local kuay teaw shops to local moonshine (this part is fake, just like CNN, FAKE! only watch Fox & friends folks, best show, tremendous show!).

I shot these two projects using petzval 58 and petzval 85 on my digital cameras either the lovely Fuji xt2 or the Nikon d810 with the new 64mm daguerreotype on a Canon eos5 film camera. 

I think I should do a test/review video of these Petzval lenses. I love them very much but they tend to get a tad too contrasty for my liking.