I've recently been posting quite a few photos of my friend, Bee, whom I met during a make up video I made for a friend. I then somehow convinced her to be in my latest short film, 4.4, which she was more than happy to come and hang with us (no pun intended). 

She've recently quit her architecture job to pursue modelling so I told her I'd return her a favour by doing a photoshoot for her with a promise that it'd be a high key shoot and she will be able to use these photos for her modelling comp card, clearly she didn't know any better and said yes. 

I ended up shooting a much more low key & high contrast photos for her. She should have been quite crossed with me but she's too nice for that. 

shot with Mamiya RZ67 on Fuji Acros and Kodak portra 160 

Location Scouting

One thing I love the most as a part of my job is that I get to travel around and I love to have my camera with me. This time we travelled to Pattaya and Kanchanaburi, here are a few photos I took while others were busy working and I was just strolling around with my camera. 

I've recently got rid of all my digital cameras and now solely work on film (nothing against digital, I just prefer to use film for my personal enjoyment). 


taken with nikon f6 on portra 400

some more from last month BangSaen's festival

shot with Bessa r3  on Kodak 400 Tri-X pulling 1/3 stop, normally developed. 

I guess what I should have done would be to shoot normal then over develop one stop.

Then the shakiness and blur would be more controlled but then again, it's the story that matters :p 

scanned with my home average scanner then colour correct a little bit to get true black on screen. 

my tour guide for the night, Nong :p 

my tour guide for the night, Nong :p 

these ladies and gents have been doing voice over since I was a little kid.

these ladies and gents have been doing voice over since I was a little kid.